Philippines Homeland Outreach Ministries

Vision: Uplift people’s lives in the Philippines through the application of Biblical principles on health and music.

Mission: Sharing the holistic Gospel of Jesus Christ through health and music education.


  1. Health evangelism through crusades, lectures, devotionals, seminar workshops, and vegan-vegetarian cooking demonstrations
  2. Music evangelism through seminars, lectures, devotionals, seminar workshops, music classes, and concerts
  3. Community Projects including livelihood projects such as tofu making and other soybean products and organic gardening
  4. Scholarships for elementary, high school, and college education as well as work-study-missionary programs
  5. Production and distribution of health, music, and religious materials and literature

Project Director: Heidi D. Cerna, DMA


GEM Resources International
117 West Ferry Street
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Phone: 269-470-0882

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