Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation

sslpThe Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF) is a non-government organization operating in the Western and Northern areas of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The aim of SSLDF is to improve and promote sustainable socio-economic stability for the well-being of vulnerable groups such as mothers, children and war victims, as well as leprosy and polio patients.

Since its inception in 1996, SSLDF has worked hard to bring aid to Sierra Leone by:

  • Funding hundreds of surgeries
  • Creating student sponsorship programs
  • Distributing tons of food, clothing and medicine, to extremely poor and/or leprous populations

In 2005, SSLDF achieved its monumental goal of constructing a 100 bed hospital as well as a Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC) (50 beds) in the medically under-served interior regions of Sierra Leone. An improved TFC with a 100 bed capacity is operational since June 2008. The TFC successfully saves four out of five (4 of 5) severely malnourished children who would otherwise perish.


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