2002 Annual Report

It is GEM’s mission to assist with medical and educational projects in developing countries. During 2002 GEM was able to provide the following educational and medical assistance:

  • Funded six (6) cleft lip/palate reconstruction surgeries.
  • Funded forty eight (48) outreach medical clinics which treated approximately 1,000 patients.
  • Provided medical coverage for approximately 200 destitute patients who could not pay any or all of their hospital costs.
  • Provided financial assistance to send a triple amputee to Australia for prostheses fitting and training.
  • Assisted in getting $15,000 for Scheer Memorial Hospital’s medical equipment.
  • Paid the salaries of six (6) instructors.
  • Provide twenty (20) $600 scholarships.

We wish to thank everyone who had a part in helping GEM financially last year. All funds sent to GEM go to fund projects and no donations are used for administrative expenses.

For 2003 we would like to continue with the projects we supported last year and add two others; namely; support for orphans and support for Women’s Empowerment through literacy and vocational training. Due to the civil unrest/terrorism in Nepal there is a growing number of orphans who need our help. In Nepal there is an organization that cares for battered women and their children. GEM would like to start a literacy/vocational training program for these women and a schooling assistance program for their children.

Following is how your donations can help:

  • $300 or a pledge of $25/month will cover the cost of the Outreach Clinic program for one month (16 clinics).
  • $360 or a pledge of $30/month will cover the cost of one cleft lip/palate surgery.
  • $420 or a pledge of $35/month will cover the cost of the Women’s Empowerment project for one month.
  • $600 or a pledge of $50/month will provide a scholarship for a nursing student.
  • $600 or a pledge of $50/month will cover the cost of the Medical Assistance program for one month (approximately 20 patients).
  • $720 or a pledge of $60/month will provide an orphan’s food, housing, clothing, medical expenses and schooling for one year.

Any financial assistance you can give toward GEM’s 2003 projects is greatly appreciated. If we receive more funds than needed for one particular project, the excess funds are applied toward other projects.


GEM Resources International
117 West Ferry Street
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
E-mail: glenn@gemresources.org
Web: www.gemresources.org
Phone: 269-470-0882

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