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December 2004

Dear Friends:

Again it is that time of year – the time of year when we contact our friends and solicit funds to support GEM projects for 2005. As you can see from the following list, GEM was able to sponsor several medical and educational projects during 2004:

  • Provided salaries for six teachers.
  • Provided thirteen college/vocational scholarships.
  • Funded six cleft lip/palate surgeries.
  • Sponsored orphans in four orphanages in three countries.
  • Sponsored 200 outreach medical clinics.
  • Funded a rehabilitation home for battered women and their children.
  • Provided school fees for needy elementary students in two countries.
  • Sponsored addiction recovery program in Mexico.

We have two special projects for which we are soliciting funds. They are school fees for destitute elementary children in Nepal and sponsorship for orphans in Nepal and Africa. Specifically, we are looking for 20 people willing and able to commit $15/month ($180/year) during 2005 for the support of a child’s education. We are also looking for 20 sponsors willing and able to commit $25/month ($300/year) during 2005 for the support of orphans in Nepal and Africa. We can make this easy for you by having your donation deducted from your bank on a monthly basis. Or if you choose, you can make a one-time donation.

There are many worthy organizations soliciting your support. We just hope you will consider GEM as one organization you would like to support with your charitable donations. Our budget for 2005 is $125,000. We hope to raise 8% of our budget ($10,000) from friends like you. Donations to GEM are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to fund projects.

Best Wishes,


Glenn St. Clair
GEM Resources International


GEM Resources International
117 West Ferry Street
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Phone: 269-470-0882

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