Benepa (Nepal) Gospel Worker’s Fund

Letter from Glenn St. Clair – This fund provides salaries for national Gospel workers and resources for church building projects in Nepal. GEM has been sponsoring six Nepali gospel workers for the last several years. Until recently, their work had to be done in secret and baptisms were conducted behind closed doors or across the border in India. Not long ago, a pastor was sent to jail for baptizing new converts which resulted in only one or two conversions per year. Things have changed. Now there are hundreds of baptisms per year and they can take place openly. Our current fund raising drive is for sponsorship of Nepali gospel outreach workers.

Nepal is a very interesting country with breathtaking scenery and a colorful culture steeped in Hinduism. A country where the cow is worshiped and its life is more sacred than the life of a human being. Nepal was closed to outside visitors until 1950 and remained closed to evangelizing until 2006. Nepal had always been a Hindu kingdom until recently when the king stepped down and it became a secular country. The door is now wide open for sharing the gospel.

Some people have claimed that Hinduism has served the people of Nepal so why try to make Christians out of them? My response is that Hinduism is a hopeless religion and the Nepali people deserve the hope and assurance the gospel gives.

The greatest cause of death for Nepalese between the ages of 15 to 30 is hopelessness – suicide. Many choose the slow painful death of self inflicted poisoning rather than continue in their hopeless condition.

Scheer Memorial Hospital has a Gospel Outreach program and has requested GEM to sponsor 12 Bible workers and build two churches. This will cost $20,000. I am looking for 200 people who are willing and able to donate $100 toward this project. There may be a Bible class or small group that would like to sponsor an individual gospel worker or fund a church building. Below you will find a picture and short bio of each of the current gospel workers. The cost is $1,250 to sponsor a gospel worker for one year and $2,500 to build a church. (See how far your money goes in a developing country!) Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who may be interested in helping with this project.