How Can We Help?

What is GEM?

GEM Resources International is an independent not-for-profit charitable organization founded in 1993. GEM is incorporated in the state of Michigan as a 501(c)(3) corporation. It is staffed by unpaid volunteers dedicated to improving the health and education of the disadvantaged in developing countries.

What Type of Projects Can be Funded Through GEM?

Any health or educational project being conducted in a third world country can be funded through GEM.

What is the Procedure for Setting up a Project?

A project proposal must be submitted to GEM for board approval. The proposal must have a name, state the purpose, financial budget, project director and duration of the project. The project director is the individual GEM will deal with. Any request for disbursement of funds must be in writing from the project director designating the amount of funds and their mode of disbursement. GEM will honor this request, provided there are sufficient funds in the project account.

What is GEM’s Obligation?

GEM will provide receipts to donors for all funds received. Since GEM is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation, these receipts may be used for tax deductions if donors itemize their tax returns. GEM will provide accurate quarterly financial statements for projects.

What is the Cost for this Service?

As an independent not-for-profit charitable organization, GEM does not charge for its services. However, GEM may charge any direct expenses incurred in connection with the project, such as bank transfer fees. GEM reserves the right to use any project pictures or write-ups in GEM’s promotional material.

Contact Information for GEM Resources International:

Phone: 269-845-5958
Address: 11599 Jones Road, Berrien Springs, MI 49103