Prashansa Scholarship

When we, Glenn and Gerre St.Clair, worked in Nepal we became acquainted with a lady named Surya Shakya who at that time was an accountant at Scheer Memorial Hospital (SMH); now, 15 years later she is Chief Financial Officer at SMH with big responsibility but little pay!

Surya’s daughter Prashansa was diagnosed with liver cancer at age 7.  Without adequate facilities in Nepal, she was taken to India for treatment. For the next three years the little girl went through a medical hell with multiple surgeries, weeks on ventilators, and months of painful chemotherapy treatments. The good news is that, with the intense prayers of many and by the grace of God she recovered and has been cancer free for the past 10 years. As you can imagine, the medical bills all but bankrupted the family.

Prashansa has now matured and developed into an unusually intelligent young lady with a burning desire to become a physician, able to help her people in her own country just as she was helped in India.  That goal is gradually being realized as she was accepted into the medical program at Gandaki Medical College in Pokhara, Nepal.

Tuition for the full 5 ½ year medical program is US $42,500. With great sacrifice, the family is able to pay for her housing, food, annual fees, and books but the $42,500 tuition fee is completely out of their financial capability.  One-half of the $42,500 ($21,250) had to be paid up front at registration. The remaining $21,250 is to be paid in two equal payments of $10,625 each; one payment at the beginning of year three and the last at the beginning of year four.

School has already begun and in desperation the family took out a one-year bank loan. GEM has already stepped in and helped them pay off that loan covering half of the total medical school tuition. Your donations can now help with the remaining $21,250 tuition. Just think how much skilled care and selfless service that Prashansa will provide to her Nepali people over the rest of her life!

Note: PayPal keeps a percentage of your donation for their operating expenses. That percentage varies from 5-10% depending on your location in the world. To have 100% of your donation to go to this scholarship fund you should send a check payable to “GEM Resources International.” Send it to the address shown at the right. On the memo line write “Account #055, Prashansa Scholarship”.