GEM Resources International helps fund projects in many countries. Stars on the map below show the approximate locations of some of our major ongoing initiatives. Choose from the list below to find information about the project of interest to you. Then click on the “Donate” button to make secure online donations to the project or projects of your choice


GEM General Fund

GEM Scholarship Fund

Prashansa Scholarship

Scheer Memorial Hospital Fund

Grellmann Fund

Nepal School

Cradle of Love (Tanzania)

Dongoro School (Wellega Ethiopia)

Health Evangelism (Ethiopia)

E. Robert Reynolds Jr. Student Loan Fund

Philippines Homeland Outreach Ministries

Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation

Project Goodlife

Kinyarwanda Textbook Project

Munguluni Mission School

JEMS India

Bihiuga Church

Project Ethiopia

Akaki Adventist School (Ethiopia)