K-School Project

Brief History: Ethiopia Adventist College (EAC), located in Kuyera – Shashemene (South-East Ethiopia), is an accredited institution of higher learning offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs (see more on www.ethiopiaadventistcollege.org).  It also operates a vocation institute (TVET), a high school, and three 3 elementary schools, one of which is called Overseas Elementary (or simply Overseas). The latter began as a small multi-grades school for missionary families’ kids who could not fit in the existing school system due to a language barrier. As the years went by, more grades were added and missionary kids were joined by local employees’ kids interested in the English international curriculum. Later, community kids from our predominantly Muslim and Orthodox community joined the school. This became an opportunity for us to reach out to them and their parents with the gospel. The Overseas (K-8) grew to be a full elementary school with a 5-year average enrollment of 400 students.

The Kindergarten (K1-K3) is the most popular and fast growing section of Overseas Elementary. Due to its overall steady growth, from 76 in 2015-16 school year to 192 kids in 2019-2020, the K program was transferred to a separate location in an old wooden multi-purpose building. With a 5-year average enrollment of 130 kids, it has been very difficult to accommodate them in six small classrooms (two classes for each K) sitting on an overall area of 200 m2. In spite of its size and unsuitability for instructions, the building has been their home for the past 5 years.

Last year a 40-foot shipping container was brought in to alleviate the overcrowding problem but not much has changed. They simply need a more suitable home; hence the project:

The Kindergarten Building Project known here as K-School

 The K-School Project: We are planning to build a larger 600 m2 school to comfortably accommodate 200 kids with additional features such as:

  • 6 larger classrooms and teachers’ room,
  • resource room,
  • chapel
  • eating area.

 All of these rooms for a total cost estimated at US$40,000; with your help we can provide these kids with a more comfortable home.


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