Munguluni Mission School

After 20 years of being dormant, the Munguluni Mission School in the Zambezia Province, the second-most populous province in Mozambique, has been reopened with 8 grades taught by Seventh-day Advents teachers from Mozambique and Brazil. An Agricultural project has been initiated to provide local food and sustainable resources to operate this school long term. There is a health clinic on the campus, and plans are to expand that space and the services provided. Some of the older buildings have been refurbished, and Maranatha International has committed to building 15 new steel structures on the campus. Clean water wells have been drilled and are providing good water for the campus and surrounding villages. Additional services of the school include adult literacy classes in the evening, and a church leadership training program for leaders in surrounding churches.

Note: PayPal keeps a percentage of your donation for their operating expenses. That percentage varies from 5-10% depending on your location in the world. To have 100% of your donation to go to the Munguluni Mission School you should send a check payable to “GEM Resources International.” Send it to the address shown at the right. On the memo line write “Account #410, Munguluni.”