Project Goodlife

pgProject Goodlife is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for orphaned youth worldwide. Through education and support, our goal is to provide opportunities for a brighter future for these children.

Note: PayPal keeps a percentage of your donation for their operating expenses. That percentage varies from 5-10% depending on your location in the world. To have 100% of your donation to go to Project Good Life you should send a check payable to “GEM Resources International.” Send it to the address shown at the right. On the memo line write “Account #330, Project Good Life.”


Lisa Blumenfeld
1521 San Ysidro Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210


In Africa alone, there are an estimated 20 million children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. In an effort to create a better life for as many of these children as possible, Project Goodlife is providing them with basic necessities such as water, food, clothes, shoes, and mosquito nets. With the addition of clean water wells, Project Goodlife is giving children freedom from walking several miles a day to collect a single bucket of water. For their good health and vitality, it is crucial that these children are provided with medical care and a consistent food supply. And to break the cycle of poverty, Project Goodlife provides education giving stability and helping them to build a foundation for the future.